Freedb Interface


I have been using Music Library by WenSoftware for a long time forr it's incredible freedb interface. What you can do is search freedb and it lists all of the album search results on one page, you select the proper album and it then goes to a track matching screen, all of which is much like what Mp3tag's freedb Web Search interface does. But you can match songs by filename, title, or manually, without having to match the order of the tracks in the track matching screen. Also to get all of the results for a certain Artist or Album, you don't have to have the entire album, again much like the Mp3tag freedb Web search interface, but Web search does not give me access to all of the freedb listings. Music Library has allowed me to cleanly archive all of my songs.

I tried the web search in the Mp3tag freedb interface, but again, I did not get all of the freedb listings and access to all of the info there, which is what I want. The problem now with Music Lobrary is that it only supports Mp3, I have moved on to other formats that are supported by Mp3tag.

The interface is really cool, if you don't get a title match and you know 2 songs match, you highlight your song on the right, then highlight the song listing that it matches and hit manual match.

I have been trying to get WenSoftware to support new formats, but they are oblivious. Anybody else looking for such good procedure to easily tag your files?