Freedb only checker of track duration?

I am using MP3Tag for several years now. Very good tool!

I recently added some Tag sources based on information found here.
As far as I am aware Freedb is the only one that checks the duration of tracks to recognise the album?
Some newer albums (or less known) cannot be checked on there and then I need to do that visually based on e.g. a Musicbrainz list.

Are there other tag sources that also use track duration?

AFAIK there is no WSS (Web Source Script) here at Mp3tag that would check the length of tracks to identicate/recognise a matching album automatically.

You can see the track length displayed for the choosen album and your own local tracks. But I don't think that we have any automatism based on track length.

I don't think that this would work at all, because there are still many different releases/album out there from the same artist with the same number of tracks and track lengths but from different years, different formats or different labels.

Thanks for your reply.

You would think that FreeDB is not the only one who can just check which album it is depending on the collection of track times?
MusicBrainz and Discogs also know the track times so why not offer a search on it?

Well, the Freedb search in Mp3Tag does that and before it became necessary to create the cddb follower FREEDB, MP3Tag had a CDDB search. As the name cddb suggests, their database was built from CDs and many software programs used CDDB's algorithm to identify a CD and deliver results to CDDB or retrieve already existing results.

Musicbrainz used to also know the FREEDB ID, but has apparently given up on this feature. Here's a look at the history.

These days I only use FREEDB in Mp3Tag in very rare cases and those are always the cases where I have a CD or its data-record without basic tags or I'm not sure about the data at all. There are samplers and historical material on CD that are repeatedly released under obscure album names and labels. FREEDB then helps to identify such a CD. Afterwards, a revision using more reliable sources is always appropriate, because FREEDB is the least reliable source when it comes to spelling of titles, etc., as anyone could feed in data without checking.

So if you want a workaround that takes the number of tracks and track times into account as an identification feature, you can use MP3Tag for the two-step path described.

  1. Identify via FREEDB and save the results
  2. Search in other more reliable web sources using the artist and album data already saved by the FREEDB-search.