freedb option not selectable


I have a local copy of FreeDB.
I set the local db path as the default option.

I select mp3s from a directory and I choose "freedb ( local )" from the freedb menu, then I want to choose "determine from selected MP3-files" but this option is light grey and I cannot select it.

Help is kindly requested, please.



this option and the query based on a search string are not available for local databases.

The freedb query based on select files option uses a fuzzy matching
algorithm of the remote freedb-server software to get the results. The
option is greyed out at local freedb, because disc-id calculation based on
audio files couldn't be as exact as needed for getting the right album.

Best regards,
~ Florian


Thank you very much for your answer.

This software is not as useful as I thought...

Which program can you use to tag songs if you have 10GB of mp3s and you're not online?


Hey Florian,

Do you know of any software out there that will do this ?

While MP3Tag is great, I'm in the same situation as this guy, and the prospect of manually typing in all the info isn't all that appealing....



You can create a local index and search for albums in your local database using a search string.

~ Florian