I updated to 2.37c beta. or ( to work again contrary to 2.36a ( seems to have more entries then
I found 3 seventies progressive albums present only in (


And the question is? :flushed:


Well I thought its a discusion board and didn't supressed on question too much :slight_smile:

but my questions might be -
Which freedb org might be in use in version 2.37c?
Seems like once again? Or Both?

  1. Which one do you consider better freedb2 or freedb1?
    While in the beginning 2nd was obviously derivate of first, now 2nd seems to be more advanced.

In numbers - 0f 20 seventies prog CD's (rare ones of course) 3 weren't present in 1st.
(While I'd expect contrary)
If noone else hasn't experinced that, then it may be occasional of course.