FreeDB Query Worked, Now It Doesn't!

Hi Guys

I have 170+ albums that are recognised without any problem by Freedb when using the 'Determine From Selected Files' option.

I also have another 50+ albums in my 'No Freedb Match' folder which weren't originally recognised, then on checking again most of them were. :slight_smile:

Quite by accident I checked one of the albums that were now recognised by Freedb, only to find out that it was no longer recognised. :frowning:

I then checked all my folders again the other day and it turns out that all the Albums that were in the 'No Freedb Match' folder originally, are no longer recognised once again.

Can't understand it really. :frowning:

I even checked the track lengths of each of the 'No FreeDB Match' albums and all the tracks in the majority of the albums folders are within a second or so of those listed at various sources (freedb, amazon play etc).

What kind of difference in track length (Original CD vs MP3) will cause an album to be not recognised?

Windows Vista & MP3 Tag v2.45

Thanks Guys


Awesome program by the way Florian

Just an update to say that I tried a program called 'Magic MP3 Tagger' and it came up with multiple choices (of the same album) when checking my previously non-recognised albums thru' Freedb.

Maybe the other program just uses a different search technique, but I cannot be sure.

I do know that the 'MP3 Tag' generated ID weren't listed in the other programs possible matches.

Any ideas?

As an experiment, I burned to CDR one of the albums which were not recognised by Freedb thru' 'MP3 Tag'.

I then opened the CDR in CDex and retrieved the tack info from Freedb, which filled in the correct details.

On checking the 'System Info' in 'CDex', the CDDB ID was 'BD0E790F'
On checking the original album folder in 'Magic MP3 Tagger', the CDDB ID generated from FReeDB was also 'BD0E790F'
However, the CDDB ID generated by 'MP3 Tag' was 'b10e5e0f'

Anyone know why the generated IDs may be different?

The CD was 'The Information' by 'Beck' if that's of any use.


When using 'Determine From Selected Files' in Mp3tag you must make sure all files are correctly sorted (like on the cd)
You can also try a different server, go to Options, freedb and add as server.

That other programs seems to use a text search to find the album, not the track lengths.

Done that. In fact I have each album in it's own folder and all tracks within the folder numbered as per the original album (0* - Artist - Track Name). I have even manually checked the track length of the MP3 files againt track listings at various sites and there is only a second or two diffrence on some of the tracks.

Tried most of them AFAIK.

Do you have a list of all the currently working mirrors?

I figured as much.

But still, when I burned the CD and queried Freedb in CDex the album ID was the same as the top entry from thos shown in the list of possible matches.

Some of these albums were recognised temporarily by MP3Tag, but on checking them the following day, they weren't recognised again.

Thanks for your reply Dano