freedb results always wrong

Hi, Im wondering why every time I perform a quick freedb search, the correct results never show up in the window.

EG: I have the following file with the following info already loaded in the tags:

Filename: Billy Talent - This Suffering.mp3
Title Tag: This Suffering
Artist Tag: Billy Talent

I am trying to get MP3Tag 2.40 to populate the album information, but the correct artist never shows up in the results window. This is happening with many files.

What am I doing wrong?

Which of the 4 methods do you use?

I've tried all of them. If I choose "determine via websearch" at least I get the right artist in the results, however I get a lot of results, and MP3Tag doesn't seem smart enough to scan through the results, and see which ones actually contain that artist / title combination. The feature is useless if I have to manually go through all the results and choose the right album.

What isn't MP3Tag "smart enough" to choose the correct freedb result on its own?