freedb search to include number of tracks


It would be really useful iof the freedb web search could include number of tracks. I.e. have a fifth field term which was track qty, with value automatically taken from the selection.

Failing which, couse the "list of seatrch results..." please include track qty? This would save a lot of work on barely identifyable albums.



The total number of tracks is not available from the search results page and I don't intend to grab the detail pages of all search results.

Edit: Seems like the web search was removed from :frowning:



It will be available again sometime.


Hmm.. that's rather odd since it contradicts the freedb home page's:

the entire freedb service has been running since the middle of September on the MAGIX servers (including the FTP download function of the open source database and archive)

Ah, good point. Thanks.