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For at least the last 2 years i have used EAC to rip cds and then MP3Tag to check and tidy up the tags.

Recently though i have noticed strange anomolies. I have ripped a few recent releases (e.g. James Yorkston - Year Of The Leopard, UNKLE - Self Defence) in EAC and it has looked up the freedb database found it and tagged accordingly.

When i open it in MP3Tag and search freedb it cannot be found. This has happened a number of times in the past few months. I find it hard to understand as it appears that both applications look up the same freedb database.

Cheers Paul


There a four different ways in Mp3tag to query freedb.

Please say which you are using.

But since it's not working you probably used the web search.
Unfortunately the web search is currently not available on

Note the announcement:


Hi Dano

Thanks For the reply.

I am using the freedb button on the toolbar to search. It works fine for older stuff and always has done but not for the examples i gave earlier.

Is there another way i should query so i get the same results as eac?

Thanks Paul


Yes but that's not detailed enough.
If you use the menu freedb > freedb.. or if you click the little triangle on the right of the freedb toolbar button you get a window with the four freedb choices. Please say which one you use (wich is preselected).

If you use "determine from selected files" make sure the files are in the same order as on the cd.
You can also try it with the audio cd, that is the most accurate way to calculate the disc id.

And you are sure the cds are on freedb?
And why do you need to look it up a second time when you already did in EAC?

But I've seen the albums on, so can also try the discogs source


Thanks for your reply.

It is "determine from selected files" i use. Strangely it still works for some albums but not newer ones like the ones i mentioned.

I am sure the albums are on freedb because when the cds were scanned in EAC they found the correct entries. Thats why i am bit confused that i can find them in EAC and not MP3Tag which both access the same database.

The reason i cheeck the files again in MP3Tag is just to make sure they ripped ok. Just a double check really.

I did find them in so maybe thats the way to go.

Thanks Paul