freedb searching return only 10 results. Is this correct?

great program. One of the best out there... and I've tried A LOT!

I'm confused, when I use the search on freedb I get only 10 results. Is this what I supposed to get? When I use the same search on the website I get thousands. Should this be able in the program and be able to browse with NEXT till we find the correct disk/album? If this is not in the program, when consider this as my request and post it in that forum ;D


I am not sure which website you have searched.

freedb stores albums under a unique id - and, honestly, I doubt that there are thousands of albums under the same combination of artist and albumtitle.

My observation is, that the search results in mp3tag and on the site are almost identical.
And BTW: IMHO a search that returns thousands of results renders that search useless.

When I say search, I mean not automaticly, but Mp3rag/Tag Sources/freedb/determine via web search.

For example: Miles Davis / The Complete Miles Davis at Montreux gives only 10 options but there are more.

Then try search from web browser for Miles Davis / The Complete Miles Davis at Montreux and you'll see what I mean.