FreeDB: Server failed to return a valid query response code

So I have used the freedb function for many months with no problems, but in the past two weeks it has stopped working. Regardless of whether I use an inserted CD or selected files, it pops up with the error message: "The server failed to return a valid query response code." What has changed for it to stop working? How can I fix it?

I have searched in this support section, and someone had this problem in 2006, but the fix at the time appears to refer to a menu that no longer exists, so I have not been able to resolve this on my own.

FreeDB isn't available anymore. You have to choose an alternative source like Discogs or MusicBrainz.

From Wikipedia:

On the 13th of June 2020 it was observed that the URL used for lookups,, no longer resolved to a host name and as a result the service no longer appears to operate.

Ah, okay. That explains it.
Many many thanks

You can use as address.