I have about 10,000 mp3's and was wondering if there was a quicker way to check the freedb for the information from each mp3? I was going through 1 by one and looking them up in the freedb and getting all the info. the filenames are in artist - title format I would like to be able to put them all into artist - album - track number - title format the one problem is i dont have all this information and was hoping i could search the freedb to get the info but it takes for ever going song by song is there a way to speed this up?? thanx for your time!!



I don't think that you can do this in one step. :frowning:


thanx for the reply man i appreciate it!! ok well what step should i take to get to my final result??



Hi Bass,

there is no other way as doing a manual search for each track, if the information is not available from the filename.

~ Florian


Ok thanks florian i know that was asking alot lol just found ur program and it did alot so thought maybe it was a miricale product! thanks