Freezing when trying to get album art

MotleyG: I wanted to respond to the idea of using drag and drop. Granted this may work but I guess you could say that that method may be useful for some but when you have a large library it takes time and besides, I wear glasses so in some cases things look a little fuzzy using my second monitor, I'm gonna get that fixed at my next eye exam, but though it's a good idea I feel that the way the program is set up you're supposed to use the Explorer window because it will give you exactly what you are looking for in a heartbeat. I use my second monitor to open explorer and use the dropdown for searching for what I just looked for and that way I get rid of used jpgs and put them in my art folder. I keep all my art, maybe a little weird but you never know. I thank you for your suggestion. I have a question for you. How do you keep your cover art? In other words, do you name the art as the mpg, use numbers or not keep iit at all? Seems the way I keep mine is weird.

If the picture file is named like the audio file then you could create an action of the type
"Import cover from file" in which you enter as
Format string: d:\mycoverfolder\%_filename%.jpg
This would then import the covers for all the selected files where the filename of the audio file matches the filename of the picture file (except the extension).
I bet that this goes much quicker than drag&drop and the search method that you use.
Yet, if the filenames do not match, then nothing gets imported, so no harm done.

Just one footnote: I don't think that mpg files are supported by MP3tag.

OHRENKINO: that would be a great idea and I never knew you could do that. But seeing as how most of my MP3s, sorry for the wrong nomenclature, have two files and you have 5000 mp3s to place album art in, that would make 10,000 different actions that would have to be created. I"m guessing one action would have to be executed at a time. I'm going to have to look at the creation of "actions" because maybe it's possible to create a global action for all files but how to code it is beyond my knowledge and because the names of all files are different I doubt it could be done. If you had one file then that would be a different story.

That is why I suggested

You might see %_filename% which is an MP3tag variable that takes the filename of the current audio file and then looks for a jpg file with the same name.
That would work for every selected file.
I have named the limitations in respect to a successful executions in my previous post.
(As I know that one only thinks that the filenames are the same but in fact they are only similar ... then it does not work)

I have embedded the art into each file. That way there is no loss of the association. In a few cases I have some tracks with two or more images, from albums that had alternative releases. Most have just one.

Looking back at your screen shot, it appears you have two separate images for every song. Other than a visual inspection, what is typically the difference and how do you choose that can be defined?

This can be automated, you highlight all of your songs, then run a single action of “Import Cover From File” and use the definition that matches. This would be the drive:/folder location plus identifying details that match your file names.

If there are some discrepancies you can repeat the process and change that definition to catch any that were missed. Much faster this way than doing it 5000 times.

MOTLEYG: You are correct in the fact that there are two separate images for almost every song this includes the record that came out and the album from which it came. This may seem a little strange but you must admit that every song, well almost every song, has a record to purchase plus that record is usually taken from an album, thus the two. At the present time, I only have about 350 songs completed I still have about 2300 more to go and in some cases I failed, for some reason, to download the art so I have to do it manually. I actually enjoy doing it that way because I know that the correct art is with the correct record. Doing it your way may save time but with 2300 songs and possibly 2200 or more having two files would be hard to do because I would have to identify each record cover plus each album cover for each song, I appreciate your response but that was not the question first posed. As I stated to ohrenkino I had found the problem and have corrected it, my error.

Could you then please tell us what caused the freezing. Originally, you implied that this might be to blame to MP3tag.
Even if it isn't - could you please help other users and describe what led to the described situation and how you overcame it so that they can avoid it?

Glad you are sorted. Feel free to update this post with any solution you were able to find. Otherwise we can mark it a case-closed.

I do find this confusing - most songs come from an "Album" as a collection. The album generally features just one cover, with some exceptions. Rarely does each "Song" from an album have it's own cover. But to each their own - you are absolutely able to manage these by song if that is what you prefer. If you feel additional support for this topic is required, please open a new thread.

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