Freezing when trying to get album art

I have been trying to place the Album art into my mp3's, however, I can't get more than two or three when the window freezes to get the art and I don't know if it's Win 11 or MP3Tag. I'm wondering if anyone else is having this issue and if so is it the program or Win 11?

as you are not very specific about the environment, I looked for "freeze" with the search function and found this:

Using MP3Tag ver 3.12, if I click on add album art area, the file explorer will open, I paste the name of the mp3 in the search box, and the name doesn't even show up unless I click on the search box again and then I can select the art and the file explorer window will close. I not only add the album but the record should there be one as well, so the process is repeated twice and there are two files in the album art area. I can do this for a couple of mp3's but then when I go to search for album art again the search window will freeze. I then have to close the program using Task Manager. I don't know if it's MP3Tag that's causing the problem or Windows 11. I have two monitors and the same thing will happen if I use my second monitor. I use the second monitor to search for the Album art and remove it from the folder to put it into an Art Folder that's why I'm saying that I don't know if it's MP3Tag or Win 11 because it will do the same thing. I'm betting on Win 11.

I’m not sure I really follow this process. Rather than using what seems like a complicated way of doing this, have you tried simply drag & drop the covers from an explorer window into the album art box? If not, try this and see if you still experience the freezing situation.

The name of the mp3 file? If you want to add a picture file, then you select the name of the picture file. That you want to add the picture to the current file is implicated by the selected file in MP3tag.
What happens if you select the name of the picture file? Does that work?

OHRENKINO: The way I have my picture files set up is each has a name and a number ie: Song name and the number 1 if the song came out on a record and the number 2 for the album in which the song came from. If there should be two songs with the same name then a parenthesis is placed after the song name and the number 2 to show it's the second song to show that there are two songs of the same name and the number 1 for the record, should there be one, and the number 2 for the album for example (2) 1, (2) 2. That's where the Explorer window comes in. If you have all your album art in one folder how are you supposed to identify which album or record is supposed to go with a specific song? You have to be able to identify which art goes with a specific song. That's when you click on the box in MP3Tag and Explorer comes up. Just place the name in the search box and the art shows up. This may be much different in the way you do it but I find it works fine for me until the Explorer window freezes. I wish I had the ability to add a screen shot t show you what I mean.

@xpac5896a just curious, how many tracks are you doing this for total? Using the image file naming convention you mention, it may be challenging to come up with a one-shot solution. But if there is some way to identify a solid pattern you can build an action that can be applied to a batch of files to do this. Once these are embedded you can then stop depending on external images files.

How far have we gone off the original topic? Do you suspect that the naming scheme causes problems?

This may be a good question - but so far I have not got it together with the orginal freeze problem.

Is this always the same file (picture and/or music)?
Have you checked the files for integrity?
Playing them is not enough, you have to use the linked utitlities:

This is the instruction that you find on the internet if you search for "How to make a screenshot in windows":
How to Take Screenshots in Windows 10

Use Shift-Windows Key-S and Snip & Sketch. ...
Use the Print Screen Key With Clipboard. ...
Use Print Screen Key With OneDrive. ...
Use the Windows Key-Print Screen Shortcut. ...
Use the Windows Game Bar. ...
Use the Snipping Tool. ...
Use Snagit. ...
Double-Click Your Surface Pen.

Here is a description how to add a screenshot to a post:

The main question is "Is anyone having problems when using the search in MP3Tag to insert cover art" See screenshot and read what I'm asking.

I never came to the idea to search in this opening-explorer-window, so I tried it now for the first time and I have no problem. No freezing. So it must be a local problem of your OS-installation.
But even if you prefer it to do manually piece for piece:
Why do you use the search at all instead of navigating to the folder and cover-file which is sorted by name and alphabet.

I think that the function is called "Add cover" or "Open cover". The resulting window is a standard explorer window - so it would be a question why the explorer freezes.
A test could be: try the search for that picture that you are looking for in the plain explorer without calling it from inside MP3tag - does the explorer also freeze?
If you are successful to find the pictures in the explorer without MP3tag - did you know that you could drag&drop the file then onto the tag panel area to insert it (don't forget to save)?

If you have a naming pattern that allows to generate a filename for the picture, you could also create an action even with tag field variables or scripting functions to import the pictures automatically.
And last but not the least: make sure that the audio files are really ok. Run the linked test tools.

This is also what I was trying to suggest. It does appear you have a naming structure in place that mp3tag can do automatically.

POSTER: I've tried that route and for some reason, sometimes, not all the time it will freeze as well. I do however use it to get rid of cover art once the cover art is transposed in MP3Tag and it works fine. I also Keep the cover art in a separate folder away from the mp3s
It would be nice to be able to use a macro of some sort but I'm not a scripter so I have no idea how to do that. I am very picky as to cover art that is in the mp3. I try to get the original record cover art if there is one, as well as the original album art. In some cases, if you should use a tag source, it may not be the original art. it will not pick the record art but will give you the album art and most people will settle for that but the question is is it the original album art? Because I have about 8 thousand mp3's, which is probably small in comparison to some, I prefer doing the art manually because of the numbering system. The numbering system may seem strange to some but you have to be able to tell the difference between two or more songs that have the same title but different artists.
So we've deviated from the original question and apparently, everyone has a different way of doing things which is fine by me. I like the way the program was originally designed and its way of doing things.
OHRENKINO: Win 11 does things differently than 10 and the reason why I say this is because if you should put a name of anything in the Explorer window(in regards to MP3Tag) it doesn't show up if you right-click and paste, you have to click that search box again and THEN it will show up. Why this happens I have no idea unless there is a bug in 11 because I can use 11 all day long and have no problems UNTIL I use MP3Tag and that Explorer window to search for the cover art. Maybe when there is an update to 11 that may be taken care of but right now I just have to put up with it.

POSTER: going to the folder which contains the cover art, even though alphabetically named takes time. It's smarter to place all cover art in one folder with the mp3s. The reason why I say this is because when you search for the cover art it defaults to your mp3 folder. It's much quicker to just copy the name of the mp3 and paste it in the explorer window search box which opens because it will find it right away rather than having to scroll through all that art. Try it.

That may be as you feel it.
Still, you did not answer the following questions:



So could you describe that plus where you store the picture files?

What happens if you navigate to the picture with a plain explorer outside MP3tag, get the filename (and path) and then paste that information in the function to add a cover?
Isn't drag&drop in this case much easier? You have one explorer window in which you can search and then drag&drop the picture in MP3tag?

OHRENKINO: It doesn't matter what file I'm looking for. It will work for a while then freeze. I'm getting to believe it might even be me that's causing the freezing and I say this because sometimes I have a tendency to hit the right and left click simultaneously which may be the cause, I'll have to check that out. Sometimes you do things without even thinking because you've done it so much, but that could be a possibility. I realize that my way may be slower than using a service to paste cover art in mp3s but I'm old school and as i stated before I'm picky.

My suggestion was to use your existing images. And with the file format you have, this looks like it can be a straightforward action. If this proves not easy to do with your image file naming convention, then you are back to doing it manually.

The other suggestion was to use the drag&drop method - simply have mp3tag open in one window and an Explorer window open in another. You have multiple monitors so this is very easy (for other users with just one monitor - this works as well, just smaller). After you select the song(s) in mp3tag you want to update, find the image file you want in Explorer (you can search your way, or simply scroll through the browser if you prefer), then drag that image file to the cover box in the mp3tag tag panel. Make sure you save before moving on to another. [This means you do not have to right click in the cover box and select "Add Cover", that window is already open and waiting for you.]

This is about as easy as it gets, and does not require you to keep opening new Explorer windows each time. If you are still having issues with freezing doing it this way, I'd have to think it is something else causing the problem.

Could you please tell us what you expect from the forum participants?
I honestly do not understand why you do not try out any of the offered suggestions and tell us what the result are in respect to the original problem of "freezing" - as no-one apparently could reproduce your observation.
Me, for my own part, I do not expect you to change your workflow if you do not like the other ways - but I expect you to limit down the possible options for the root cause.
If in the end the result is

then that is just the way it is - but if the other ways did not cause the freezing then this might be an alternative.
by now at least 2 people have spent their time and thought about your problem. I think it would be an act of decency to value this time and also spent some effort to narrow down the cause - which would mean to answer the already known questions.

I would also like to draw your attention to the just recently published

Perhaps they shed some light on why you are being asked those questions.

OHRNKINO: If you think for one minute I do not appreciate anyone trying to duplicate a problem or spending their own time trying to duplicate the problem, you're sadly mistaken. I appreciate it more than you know. II am not proficient with any type of scripting nor do I know coding, consequently, I'm stuck with what I know.
The objective of a Forum is to iron out any problems anyone may have through the use of SMEs. Who else knows more than someone who has played around with a program and is knowledgeable about specific aspects of that program. With all the people out there who use not only MP3Tag but other programs as well, there is a wealth of knowledge to be tapped into. As far as this particular matter is concerned consider the matter closed.I found the problem and it's on my end. I am sorry for any inconvenience I may have caused and I do, truly, appreciate all of you .

@xpac5896a Most here have no problem sharing. I think what @ohrenkino was asking was simply to have you report back what you have found, based on what advice was provided. Besides confirming that your struggle was resolved, bear in mind that these suggestions live on this forum and can help others with similar problems that can be also be fixed simply by reading this thread. If something specific worked for you, or didn't, that feedback proves helpful to many others. And if none of those offers helped and you found the solution separately, that too would help the next person in need.

Glad you are sorted out, so you can get back to perfecting your library! :+1:

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