Freezing whilst using Intelligent Filename Shortening

I have a huge database of all my music (approx 50,000 mp3 files :flushed: ) and having spent hours correcting/amending tags, album covers etc now wish to finally import them into iTunes.

However, some of these tracks now have incredibly long file names, so I wish to use the shorten file name feature to truncate them to 64 characters, with the intelligent cut option set to prevent any import errors.

However, when I run this, mp3tag seems to freeze after re-writing the tags, and if you hit abort, it then becomes unstable, and you then have to use task manager to shut down the program.

It has however re-written the file names.

I am running Win7 Pro 64bit with 8gb ram, so physical memory is not a problem, unless mp3tag is unable to effectively use it - Help!!!

I don't get error codes or debug info, so unless someone can advise where I might find this, I can't attach anything :frowning:

How many files do you handle each time?
I saw something similar when I ran WMP or MediaCenter at the same time as apparently the newly named files are read in by these tools.
Also, when MP3tag is handling a huge number of files in one go, refreshing the file list with the new files names take a little time.

Does the problem occur if you do it e.g. artist by artist (with just a couple of files)?

I was trying to rename all the files in one hit (53,000 of them), but nothing else had access to them, as I work on a back up copy of my music files.

oddly, it seems to find those files that needs renaming (in my case 300 of them), completes that then freezes - so I could just terminate the mp3tag process and reload the database again - bit of a pain though :frowning: