Frustrated -- Just upgraded and all my Previous Scripts are Missing!

I just upgraded to 2.98. ALL my personal data died with the upgrade. I had a ton of scripts, but the one that I am most upset about losing is the one that I created to import all the metatags from a text file.

I spent HOURS trying to figure out how to make that script work. Now all that work is GONE, but I have about 20 text files formatted and ready to import.

It was so difficult for me to figure out how to even get mp3tag to find and read the file, I don't even remember what I finally did to make it all work. Now I'll have to start completely over again.

How did you install last time and how did you install now?
(Normal installation or portable installation)

I'm sure you have a recent backup of your precious data?

Sorry to hear that you seem to have lost all your configuration with the update. Maybe it's not completely lost, so lets see if we can find out some details:

As @poster indicated above, Mp3tag has two installation modes — Standard and Portable. If you have used a different installation mode with this update than you've used before, your settings are stored at a different location (and are not lost).

If you've used Standard before, your settings are located at %APPDATA%\Mp3tag\ (you can use this as an address in Windows Explorer to jump to the folder directly).

If you've used Protable before, you can use Windows Search to locate a file called mp3tag.cfg. If you find multiple files with that search, please look closely to check which of those is the configuration you've used before.

I thought that I had done a regular installation, but I did check in my AppData and there wasn't an mp3tag folder there at all. I checked anything that might look like a settings folder in my regular mp3tag folder, and everything was brand new. I will check tonight to see if there is a .cfg file located somewhere else.

However, I am done with my pity party regardless of whether I find it or not. This weekend was rife with computer issues, and I guess this was just the straw, ya know? Sorry I took my frustrations out here. Turns out I didn't suffer too many trials and errors before I got something I could work with. It's not perfect, but it's already way more progress than I would have expected. I might be able to dig up some of my older scripts off my other computer, so I won't have to start over with everything. (this PC was the only one I had been working on the script I wanted last night, so there were no other copies).

As far as having backups of my data, I hadn't added this software to my backups list yet. I frequently have to relearn this VERY DIFFICULT lesson! :wink:

And thank you for the quick response!

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Backup hint:
Just use some type of "Backup Image" or "Drive Snapshot" or similar. This will backup always your entire PC disk drive(s), regardless of single programs or data folders. It may take some more time, but you will never forget anymore to add some software to your backup list.