Full song name in Title field

Hello again. Facing another, bit more frustrating problem

Got a lot of audio files. Some have proper Artist and Title field, some have full artist name and title in Title field. How can I sort out only the ones which have full song name in Title field and apply that to file name? So I separate the "messed up" tags from proper tags what are good to go for "Tag to filename" conversion. They appear randomly right now in the whole list so I either have to select the good ones one by one, by hand or is there better method?

Here's an example what I mean. The first 2 songs have proper Artist and Title field ready for "Tag to filename" conversion, the last 2 in the list are messed up and I need to apply only the Title field to filename.


Sorry, I see no difference. How do you find out what is "messed up".

The first 2 lines: The voyager - back on blablabla and the other is good
The left one is artist tag row and the right one is title tag row.

You can see last 2 have full name in title tag.

The one's that are "messed up" have Artist - Songtitle in one tag, Title

You say the left row is artist (Tiesto) and the right row is the messed up title tag with the artist in the title tag (Ballroom - Passenger (Marc O'Toole Remix). Why is there no "Tiesto" in this tag?

You can use an action of the type "Guess value" (import tag-field) for TITLE
Use as guessing pattern: %artist% - %title%

You have to use the correct separator between the data that represents the artist and the one that is the title. It is not qute clear whether you have a number of blanks or a hyphen as separator.

Because it's a split version of a 2 hour set (Old Tiesto set) and the one who made the cuesheet, I want to bunch him to the face made this cluterfu* nastiness there, stating it out it's Tiesto set, Tiesto playing that song or something like that

Once again, thanks a lot, it did the job.