Function for urlencode?

Hi, I want to pass Text to a URL that fills a form on a website.

To build the URL I need to urlencode the text. Is there a function for it? If not, why not? It's 2012, people do stuff online :wink:

I found this topic /t/11477/1 where someone wrote a manual urldecoding list. That seems like a very bad solution which could easily be solved by adding urlencode functionality. Javascript's encodeURIComponent would also work if linebreaks are replaced to \n.


in the script and Mp3tag url encodes the url it requests.

[Encoding]=url does only work for web sources.
Flashin '95 is planning to use Mp3tag's export for this (as I know from some advice I have given him before). So this post landed in the wrong forum section.

The goal in this project is to export .url files which open a web page with a fill-in form. This form should be filled automatically with values from one or more mp3 files via an url parameter.
The $loop() function of Mp3tag's export is neccessary, because this should work for more than one file.

We would need a function like $endcode(%fieldname%,url) here to do it propper, otherwise we would have to build long constructions like $replace(%fieldname%,?,'%3F',=,'%3D',&,'%26', ,'%20') and regex like $regexp(%fieldname%,\r\n,'%0A').