Functions to classify files in a selected media folder according to custom metadata

Hi, I've been using Mp3Tag a long time, and I really love this software.
I'm grad that this is and open-source-project and I have a suggestion about classifying folders in to sub directory according to custom metadata that user have configured.

Here's a picture that represents the example of the function I'm suggesting.

PS : I'm sorry if you didn't understand what I was saying. :pray:
I don't speak English very well.

Mp3tag is NOT open-source.
Only the developer @Florian decides if a suggestion or a feature request will be implemented.

The community can help you to achieve what you like.

oh, It seems I had a misunderstand.
thanks for the comment.

As a long time user you know that you can already rename your files and folders with the existing possibilities like:

and also
Create Folder Structures based on Tags

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wow, It seems the function I was thinking of is already in Mp3Tag!
I didn't know that. Thanks for telling me the function I haven't used before.

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