Funny iTunes/MP3Tag Behaviours

So, I'm a bit stumped by this and it seems to be happening more frequently, rather than less, so I'd see if I'm alone and, if not, if there were know solutions.

On more than a couple recent occasions, I've imported albums or groups of files that appeared, in Windows, to have tags at least partially completed. I deal exclusively in MP3s, AAC and ALAC files, by the way.

I import them into iTunes and the tag data's all where it's supposed to be. Then, when I bring them into MP3Tag for fine tuning (fixing sorting order, etc), there's nothing shown in those very same tag fields.

Today added a new wrinkle to the issue, as I finally decided to pay attention to my BPM counts and started using the MixMeister BPM Analyzer. I go ahead and drop the files into MixMeister and it computes issues. Then I go look over in iTunes and, clear as day, there's the rounded BPM number just where it's supposed to be. Then I drag the same files over to MP3Tag data in the BPM field. I double checked the extended tags on the off chance that the data was being stored in some oddball field, but no just wasn't there.

So, I try Plan B. I start with a "virgin" (as in never imported into iTunes) MP3 file and run it through MixMeister. Computation's done, so I pull the file over to MP3Tag guessed BPM data.

This is getting really frustrating, at least in part because I'm concerned I'm doing something wrong and, let's be honest, I hate being wrong. :whistling:

For what it's worth, here's what I'm playing with:
Windows 7 Ultimate (x64)
Intel Core2Quad Q6600 w/4GB RAM
MP3Tag 2.48
iTunes (x64)

Also, for those questioning my use of iTunes, well, as a family, we've got 3 iPhones, an iPad, a 120GB iPod Classic and Apple TV...oddly enough, I'm the only family member with a PC...go figure.

Thanks for any light you all can shed on this...
Mallthus in Oklahoma USA

Could you check the tag-types especially if you have APE tags.
These overwrite MP3 tags.

That, as it turns out, was one of many issues I was having. Thanks for the suggestion. :wink: