Gaining Album Tag From Artist / Title Tags

Hi. i was wondering if its possible to automatically update the album fields of my mp3s based on the title and artist fields. because surely mp3tag or other mp3 tagging programs that use internet databases to find tags can find the album that the song is on using the title and artist.

I have about 850 mp3 files that need album tagging, so manual tagging is out of the question for me. All my title and artist tags are correct and the album and artwork tags are the only ones that need updating. However the album artwork tag cant be updated for all the files atm, as the majority of the album tags are incorrect. I take it once the album tags are sorted, i will be able to mass batch the album artworks much more easily.

Thanks for your time

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I may be totally wrong and hope someone puts me right but i dont tyhink you can mass tag lots of albums at once i think its just a release at a time.

I'm after finding out if you can do this to but from all my reading there seems to be no way of mass tagging a whole lot of albums all at once with just one click to get it going and then having the ability to just leave it going.

Please somone proove me wrong !


ahh ok cheers mate. i cant see why it cant be done tho. cos surely a program that uses an internet database to find tags could read the title tag and artist tag of a song, and then use this to search for a suitable album tag. eg. search for album tag using: Michael Jackson - Beat It. (artist/title)

Database finds this song on album: Michael Jacksons #1 Hits (or whatever its called)
and then tags this album name.

I just dont have enough time to tag 800 files for album names.


My thoughts to but i havent found any information to state this ! i'm after doing pretty similar!

It will do the search and the tag no issues at all but you just cant leave it running on a hard drive full of files without you manually clicking search for each release.

If we keep talking about it and keep this thread at the top of the new posts then maybe if were really lucky someone will come and shoot me down in flames and proove me totally wrong ... heres hoping :slight_smile:


haha. cheers m8. yh lets hope so