Generate playlist via action fails

I can export a playlist by going to the export menu and choosing my playlist definition. For filename I use:

%_folderpath%$if($or($eql(%albumartist%,va),$eql(%albumartist%,Various)),v.a.,$replace(%artist%,/,~)$if($eql(%origyear%,),$if($eql(%year%,),, (%year%)), (%origyear%))) - $replace(%album%,/,~)$if($or($eql(%albumartist%,va),$eql(%albumartist%,Various)),$if($eql(%origyear%,),$if($eql(%year%,),, (%year%)), (%origyear%)),).m3u8

For years this worked perfectly as (last) part of an action, but lately it stopped working. The whole action runs fine, except for the creation of a playlist.
It's not a problem with the syntax, because, like I said before, I can still export the playlist manually via the File/Export menu, but it doesn't work when called by an action... even when I create an action with only the 'export'-line and no other actions included.
Did something change according to actions in v2.89?
Thanks in advance.

There were reports that foldernames with a dot at the end do not work (which I think is a NTFS restriction) - so it could be that the "v.a." part is the culprit. Does "v.a" work?
And: does it work to recreate a playlist that you have already exported? Or does that fail also?

Just found out the problem was a comma in my export name...
It used to be "M3U8 Playlist, relative file paths", which was never a problem within actions before.
When I changed that to "M3U8 Playlist relative file paths" the action ran without a problem.
Weird. Is this a bug in v2.89a?
So don't use a comma in your export definition name if you want to use that in an action...
The "v.a." part was not the problem.
Thanks for your input.
I hope people with the same problem can find their solution here.

There was an issue related to relative file paths in Mp3tag v2.89, which I've fixed with Mp3tag v2.89a.

My guess is, that you've observed the problem with Mp3tag v2.89, installed v2.89a and made some random changes which appeared to have fixed the issue for you. However, the real fix was in installing v2.89a.

The comma in the export name did not cause the issue.