Generate Playlists By Genre (Having Multiple Values)


I use AMG to tag my files and therefore Genre can have multiple values.
I use MP3Tag's \\ to separate the values and it works fine (I filter-checked it via "$meta")

I would like to simulate the following actions with a script/action/export, for instance:

  • Filter: "$meta(GENRE,0)" IS "Folk" OR "$meta(GENRE,1)" IS "Folk" OR "$meta(GENRE,2)" IS "Folk" OR ...

  • Menu->Playlist (all Files) with File Name: Folk.m3u

If I could iterate on all genres present in the File View (instead of specifying "Folk" or "Pop/Rock" etc.) that would even be better.

Any ideas?


Possibly there is a simplification for the filter string ...
This will find also "Rockfolk" or "Folk Rock".

Hm, at first ... study how the Mp3tag export scripting language does work.

A simple m3u export script looks like this ...

$filename('T:\TEST\PlayList.m3u.txt',ANSI)'#EXTM3U' $loop(%_path%)'#EXTINF:'%_length_seconds%','%ARTIST%' - '%TITLE% %_path% $loopend()

... somewhat extended m3u8 ...

1: $filename($getEnv('USERPROFILE')'\Desktop\Playlist.Genre.Artist.Title.m3u8.txt',UTF-8)$loop(%GENRE%)'#EXTM3U'

2: '###GENRE='$if2(%GENRE%,'undefined')
3: '###PLAYLIST=Playlist.Genre.'$if2(%GENRE%,'undefined')'.txt'
4: $loop(%ARTIST%)$loop(%TITLE%)'#EXTINF:'%_length_seconds%','%ARTIST%' - '%TITLE%
5: %_path%
6: $loopend()$loopend()
7: '###'$repeat('-',20)' use text editor to split here '$repeat('-',20)
8: $loopend()


DetlevD, many thanks for answering

(btw, I started using your Mp3tagExportSplitter mte & exe to start learning about the issues at hand)

Thanks for the filter simplification which works fine. Is there any way to filter with an action/script?

Tried your solution in the export file but it seems looping on %genre% does not loop on every instance of the genre multivalues and stops at the first (i.e. $meta("X",0))

Read there ...