Generated chapter name isn't updated correctly when `TITLE` is edited

Using v2.93, when editing the TITLE tag of a MP4 file with a generated chapter list, the previous title value is used for the chapter name.

For example, if the file was tagged with TITLE as "Original Title" and I change it to "New Title", the generated chapter marker is named "Original Title" when the file is saved. If I then change TITLE to "Another Title", the chapter is now named "New Title".

Can you upload an example file (or provide a link via PM) in the state where TITLE is "Original Title" so I can reproduce the issue?

Sure, here's an example file (just 15 seconds of silence) with TITLE set. .m4a uploads aren't permitted so I zipped it. (203.6 KB)

Thanks for the example file. I've tried to reproduce the issue by changing TITLE from "Original Title" to "New Title". Right after saving the changed tag, I've inspected the generated chpl atom in a hex editor and it's also stored as "New Title".

Can you double-check again and maybe point out the missing step on my side?

Here are steps I'm reproducing with, hopefully they'll work for you!

  1. Open Mp3tag
  2. 'File' -> 'Change directory...' and choose folder containing silence-15sec.m4a
  3. Click on silence-15sec.m4a row in file list
  4. Click on 'Title' text box in tag panel and change value to "New Title"
  5. Click 'Save' button in toolbar
  6. Click 'OK' on 'Saved tag in 1 of 1 files' dialog
  7. Open silence-15sec.m4a in hex editor and notice ©nam is "New Title" but chpl uses Original Title:

I think what's happening is that you have "List chapters as separate files" disabled and Mp3tag then doesn't touch the chapter data on save (while already having generated a single chapter for gapless data when reading the file).

It's kind of an edge case and I have to think about how to handle this.

I've fixed this with Mp3tag v2.93a. Thanks for reporting!

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