Generating a cover art

hey guys,
most of my media library isnt really indexed in the global indices, so finding a cover art on google is kinda impossible, i loved what subsonic does of generating a cover art based on the artist/album/track name

header color is random, and basic info is included

problem is, you cannot save those images to the id3 metadata as they are only CSS layers and not actual images

so is there a way to achieve that and save it to the actual id3 metadata ?

MP3tag edits the tags. MP3tag does not edit pictures or the audio part of a file.
So if you generate such pictures with a graphic tool, MP3tag should be able to import the graphics.
MP3tag could help you in a way that it exports the album name to a text file and perhaps your graphic tool then can use this data to include it in the picture ...
I once did something similar with the help of PowerPoint where you can export the slides to bitmap files.

In Subsonic you can make a right-mouse-click on the image and save the image with the standard name "coverArt.png" to a folder of your choice.
There are 2 views of the covers in subsonic, a small one in the overview of the albums and a blown up one in the single view of an album. The resolutions of these images are 320x320 or 600x600.

On your subsonic-server you can find the cover-art as files too, normally with Windows in c:\subsonic\thumbs\.., but there they have crypted names related to the database-IDs of subsonic.

You can use MP3Tag to embed these image-files, either manually image for image or with an action "Import cover from File". For doing it with an action you need to have the file in an album related folder. If you don't use separate album folders you have to name the files when you save them with a name related to the file.

thanks for the reply m8 :+1:

thanks for the reply @poster
i got over 1k in albums and more than 400 artist, so let me see if there was anyway i can do this in bulk