genre and year

Hi to everybody. I would like to know if it's possible to add for a large number of mp3, genre and year all toghether and simultaneously.

Thanks to all!

Could you be more specific?

Load the files into MP3tag.
Select in the files list all those that should get the same year and genre .
Enter the year in the tag panel.
Enter the genre in the tag panel.
Press Ctrl-S (or the disk-symbol in the toolbar).
Or were you looking for something that does it automatically? THen: hard luck!

The problem is that i have different year and different genre! But I'm looking for something like art cover search that put automatic tag...

There are also other tag sources, e.g. like the freedb or various discogs scripts.
All of them work on an album basis, so you have to select an album first and then apply the script.
If you only want to add the year and genre, it is just as easy to enter these two values in the tag panel, if you happen to know them.
None of the scripts work for more than one album at the time.

Thank you!