Genre Field is too small

Hi there, after installing Ladarr and it totally messing up all my MP3 tags, I am now going through the pain staking process of editing all my albums, I tried Media Monkey but that adds similar garbage fields to the Genre
This is what Media Monkey added:
Alternative Dance;Downtempo;52;Electronica;Experimental;Experimental Rock;Idm;Leftfield;13;Pop Rock;Trip Hop

I am having to edit each one but the field is way too small, would it be possible to give the Genre a larger field similar to the Comment field?


Just an update and maybe a bug - I have resized the window to make the GENRE field wider but now the pull down arrows do not appear after restarting the program, I have to click on the dividing bar to bring them back :frowning:

Have you tried to modify the tag panel layout and assign the field for GENRE a different size? Try a right-click into the grey area of the tag panel and then select "Adapt ..."

Thanks for the idea but when I right click I don't see Adapt, I just see the fields that are listed with checkboxes to show or disable them.

What I have done is click Customise, then by clicking Genre and edit field I am able to make it exactly as I wanted it, so thanks for the inspiration :wink:

All sorted now :smile:

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