Genre field


Hello there,

I have read the faq and other posts but can not find a story what discribe my problem.
maybe its quit normal, but i dont know.

when i load several songs to edit the genre from each song, i am playing it by dubbleclick on it.(use wmp 10)
when i listen to it and change the genre field, a popup appears and tel me it is not possible to change the field.
the only way i can do it is to stop windows media player, go to another song, select the previus song again, change the genre, and then its possible to save the genre field.
is it possible to change the field "on the fly" and if so, how do i do that.
i must listen to the file to put in the right genre, and in the way i described above it is a lot of work.



by the way i am using the latest version of mp3tag.


Sorry, this is not possible. Mp3tag has to modify the file when updating the genre and this is not possible if the file is opened by another application.

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~ Florian


You can edit the Genre in WMP10 while the track is playing.

From the now playing list. Right Click the track and select Advanced Tag Editor. Edit genre as required and Apply change.

You will have to use View -> Refresh (F5) in MP3Tag to see the change in the MP3Tag File View.


sorry that does not work by me :frowning:
in wmp 10 i can change the genre field, but there's no "rigtclick" menu to select mp3tag , but when i open mp3tag with the quickstart icon,there is stil the same genre even after i changed it in wmp10 ???
in wmp 10 it shows the new genretag, but in mp3tag the old name is stil there. :flushed:, and yes i had done a screen refresch and even closed and opend the application again.