Genre not being read in mp player apps

I have an issue with the genre not being read from the right metadata in player apps like google playmusic, pi music, etc. It doesn't happen for every track on an album. If I go to the genre tab on these apps, some tracks are showing up with numbers instead of the genre. It seems like that there is a phantom genre that is being read instead. A little research indicated that the number might be ID3v1 or 2 tag. but I don't see that as an option in the choose columns options. It cause problems in these players not only in the genre tab but sometimes it splits tracks into two different "albums." Help. Thoughts?

I don't know with which program you tagged your files before. But it looks as there has been an improper implementation somewhere along the line that did not translate the genre byte properly into a string but wrote the number.

Splitting an album in several bits may happen if there is no common ALBUMARTIST for the files of that album.
So I would check which tag versions you read, write and delete in
and then make sure that you write ID3V2 tags. Do not write APE tags. ID3V1 tags are optional.