Genre \\ Separator not Working

Hi all,

I ran a simple script fix around 1000 music files were the separator was "; " instead of \.
Field: Genre
Original: "; " (without quotes)
Replace With: \

This worked fine but then i noticed in my music player genres such as Pop\Rock instead of both indivdually for these 1000 files. In extended tags i see the problem, Pop\Rock is all on one line and the program hasnt split them out correctly.

After a little bit of toying around i noticed that if i SAVE on a single file it fixes it but if i select all and SAVE it does not.

Can anyone help me to correct this little problem without me doing a Ctrl+S on each and every file please?

If you want to split the field, use an action of the type "Split field by separator"

Ok i tried running the "Split by field" as a standalone script but it didn't work. All items remained Pop\Rock however when i added the split to my Script group above it worked fine.

I think there is a little bug but i can't put my finger on it

Anyway, my files are all fixed now so thanks for your help

where do you see that the split has and has not worked?
If you see the list of genres in the columns, check the column definition for a $meta_sep() function.
If the extended tags dialogue shows several fields of the same type, then the field is properly split.

In Extended Tags under GENRE. I checked the column definition earlier and confirmed it did have the $meta_sep function before i did anything. When i ran my replace script without the addition of a split line the result is one value in GENRE. A followup split script across all files followed by a mass save didnt work however i discovered i can fix them by either: run my replace script with a line to splt included OR click save on each file individually.

I don't have the smarts to understand whether this behaviour is deliberate of MP3tag or a little bug