Genre tag - Changing values based on pull-down list


When selecting mutiple files, pull-down menus in the left pane usually allow to set the selected tag to:

  • Delete/erase
  • Keep
  • Any of the pre-existing values from the list of files

The Genre tag seems to be an exception to this feature. It does provide as options:

  • Delete/erase
  • Keep

But the list of pre-existing tags does not appear. Instead is a very long list of (generally accepted?) tag values. If pre-existing values are not in the standard list, the desired Genre value has to be typed manually.

Am I missing something, or could this be a feature to implement, by showing at the top of the list those tags that are present (if any) in the selection of files, or include them within the alphabetical list of standard tag values?

Many thanks!

Have a look at the HowTo section and see whether that solves your problem:

Dear Ohrenkino,

Thank you so much for your prompt response and solution!

What a fantastic software!
I had not double-clicked (or clicked on Edit [step 3]) on the Tag name in the Tab Panel, to get the further options.


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