Genre tag field updating but updates not displayed

Can you check whether the file in question has multiple tag versions (e.g., ID3v2 and APEv2)? You can see this from the "Tag" column, where the displayed tag version is written outside of the parentheses and the other available tag versions are listed inside of the parentheses.

If you see APEv2, you're probably reading APEv2 tags but not writing them. Make sure you disable reading and writing of APEv2 at "Options > Tags > Mpeg".

The Tag field reads ID3v2.3 (ID3v1 ID3v2.3) for each of the files involved. APE is not present or selected under my Options.

Could you open the extended tags dialogue (Alt-T) for one of these files and check how many field of the type GENRE there are? If you find more than one, could you then check the definition for the column?
If you found more than one, the column definition should show
Value: $meta_sep(genre,\\)
Field: %genre%

And finally: could you check the tag panel whether there are more than one field for GENRE - and remove the extra ones?

I am seeing only one field for GENRE under the Alt-T dialogue and the tag panel. In the examples of the mp3 file tags I have under consideration, the GENRE tag shows it is inhabited by the word "Nonfiction", (which I wrote to it recently) but the panel for that file is displaying the word "Classical", which is a tag I had written under GENRE in the past.

If I try overwriting the GENRE tag under the panel column by selecting a cell and typing something else into it, the data in the field is changed, but the cell still displays "Classical" in the panel cell once it is deselected.

Would it potentially help to try reinstalling the application?

You would have to make sure to also remove all user settings.
This would also mean that you lose all the filter definitions and converter patterns.
What you could also check: have you set a standard value for GENRE in the tag panel - see Tools>Options>Tag Panel>Genre>Edit for this.

Thanks, the GENRE tag panel is set to , and I have never deliberately edited it.

Oops, the last comment should read that it is set to "keep" in triangular brackets.

<keep> is OK, I think.
Now the last thing I could think of: have you got more than 1 complete tag in the file. (Although then the display in MP3tag should be consistent and show only the data from one tag)
You could test this for one file:
Select it
Select "Cut tag" from the file list context menu
Check if the file now displays not data in the tag fields. If this is the case, then you have only 1 tag. If you still see data and perhaps even the old one, then there was one tag stacked on top of the other.
You can now choose whether you want to keep this data or delete the tag and paste the one that you have in the clipboard.
And then there is the possibility that the files got damaged somewhere which you could check the ujtilities linked in this thread:

And why all this trouble? Because I can write GENRE fields without any problems

@Gene, any new insights on the issue? Have you checked the files for errors?

Florian, I'm getting the same issue on many files from multiple sources, so a file error issue seems unlikely. Perhaps it is a problem peculiar to my installation. I posted my observation as a bug, assuming others would find the same issue. It seems that is not the case. I don't recall noticing such a problem until recently. As ohrenkino has indicated, the display issue I'm seeing is not affecting writing to the GENRE field, so not a serious problem.

You can also send me an example file which shows this issue via a private message (e.g., a direct link to DropBox, Google Drive or another cloud service).

The GENRE column is displaying the word "Classical" for any file I might open in the program regardless of the actual value in the field. It is happening for me with all files (without exception), regardless of origin or whether they have been edited before. The actual field values do appear correctly in the GENRE panel, and they can be changed there. For some reason "Classical", which is a GENRE string I have written to files in the past, now always displays in the GENRE column, irrespective of the file.

Can you check the configuration of the Genre column via "View > Customize columns...". It should not reference "Classical" anywhere but instead show something like $meta_sep(genre,\\) as value.


You are right, the value there is the string Classical, and not the contents you are indicating.

I don't know how I might have changed to that default, but if I type in the string in your example, I assume that will fix the problem?

Thanks, I typed in your default, and that has corrected the issue. I guess I wasn't clear enough describing my initial observation, and I didn't know the display default could be changed (however that happened). Obviously, it is not a bug. I don't have much understanding of the technicalities of how your program works, so sorry for creating confusion.

No problem, glad it's resolved now! Thanks for taking the time :slight_smile:

Thank you. Please feel free to delete this thread, since I inaccurately reported a bug. I have no idea how I might have changed that default, since I didn't even know it was accessible.

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