Genres not being read correctly with WMAs and MP3s

G'morning all,

I hope the answer isn't glaringly obvious. I've browsed the forums, haven't seen anything.

I'm running Vista 64-bit. This problems does not change if XP compatibility mode is selected.

A lot of my songs have the genres showing up correctly in Windows Explorer, but in Mp3tag v2.39m (and the non-dev version), the genres for a lot of songs are not showing up correctly. In Winamp genre is Rock, in Mp3tag genre is 17. It doesn't correspond to tag #.

If wanted I will upload a file that is having problems.

They are all MP3 files identified as using ID3v2.4.

To reiterate: Windows Explorer and Winamp shows MP3s as having proper tags, Mp3tag does not.

If more information is needed, please let me know, I don't know what else to provide.

Thanks much!

EDIT: Discovered the cause!

I hate how I despair at finding a solution so I post and as soon as I post, I discover the solution... ah well... perhaps somebody else will find this of use.

Mods, feel free to change topic to solved or whatever.