Genres with two words, both the words become capital letters

One question: when I type in the genre Thrash metal and click save, it gets saved as Thrash Metal, with a capital M. The same thing happens with Hard rock as well. You may think this a very trivial matter, but I like my music to be correctly tagged. Can you tell me how I can tag my music so that it comes as Thrash metal, not with a capital M?

You can see for the chapter "8.1. Appendix A - Genre List from ID3v1" to see the predefined names of genres. As theses genres are saved as ids for ID3V1 tags, perhaps your program has a spelling of its own that it uses to retranslate the ID to text again.
MP3tag saves the (user-defined) tags with the case that you used. Genres that are already defined by the ID3 standard are shown as laid down in that standard.
E.g. "Trash metal" (a user-defined genre) stays "Trash metal".

I'm sorry I did not understand. I'm very bad at these technical terms. :stuck_out_tongue: though i looked through the list of genres in the link that you sent. and i found 'Hard Rock', but i didn't know what to do from there. can you please explain it again?

There is a list of pre-defined names for genres. This list implemented in MP3tag and follows the ID3 standard.

For these pre-defined genre names you have to take the spelling and case as it is.

If you use a user-defined genre (e.g. "best track ever"), then there is no definition in the pre-defined list and the case and spelling will stay as you typed it in.

The reason for the pre-defined genre names is the V1 standard that stores the genre as a single number. If you input a genre, MP3tag looks it up in the internally stored list and if there is a match then MP3tag knows which number to store in the V1 tags.
Every genre without match will appear as "Other" in V1 tags
V2 does not have this restriction - there you can use more or less any name you like. but for compatibility reasons between the ID3 versions, the spelling an case is fixed for the pre-defined names.

So it is not a case that 2-word-genres get replaced with capitals but that if the 2-word-genre matches that of one from the id3 standard, then that definition (always) overwrites your input.

oh.but is there is no way to edit the id3 standard?

As it is a standard - it is a standard. And usually you don't modify standards.
If you insist on your preferences for upper and lower case then you might use the workaround and rename
Thrash Metal to Thrash_metal
then it becomes a user-defined genre which keeps the case.

ok. Thanks for helping out!

Have you ever considered ditching music industry genre labels?

I use my own system, categorizing tracks by usefulness for activities like running, falling asleep, reading, mosh-pitting etc. [the system is more complex, but that is only to give you an idea]