I'm doing more field recording and would like to have the resulting files geotagged so they function similarly to geotagged photo files. That is, so that they can be mapped by data (collected via GPS or other map source) within the file, automatically, by mapping functions/programs like Google Earth.

I understand that it's pretty straightforward to add a tag field to my MP3s, and to edit that field with my location coordinate information. I'm going to do that.

But I wonder if it's possible to have an audio file function mimic whatever function that allows photos to be mapped via incorporated coordinates. I don't know how that's done in photo files, but it seems like it should be a somewhat simple thing to accomplish in audio files too - for people who understand all that stuff.

Love to hear what the issues are...thanks!

A photo is taken in a split second. So it is fairly clear to assign a distinct coordinate in the space-time continuum.
An audio recording may take hours or even longer perhaps documenting a journey across a continent in a plane.
So: where would you like to add the geological coordinates? When the recording starts or when it ends?
An Mp3 has tags either at the beginning or at the end of the file. It is not part of the standard to add fields in the middle of the audio data.
If you want to have something like a cue-file you may have to use external software to map the audio time code to a snapshot taken by the geotagging software.
I do not know if there is such software around that serves as interface between a GPS receiver and an audio recorder.

Google is your friend! Search for "geotag audio files". :wink:

You could also embed a geotagged image in your audio files.

My concern isn't to continuously log GPS data into an audio file (as you point out, that'd be both difficult and largely pointless (though could be pretty cool too)).

My hope is that a mapping program could be pointed at some audio files, pull a coordinate set from a tag, and resolve a link-to-the-audio as an icon in a map. Just as a photo can be without much effort.

As any other file, an audio file will have a single time/date stamp that could be used to align to a single point in a GPS track log. Whether someone creates a utility to find that correlation or it's done manually (as I intend to do as things are today), the magic would be the pulled-to-map-icon process that geotagged photos do so easily.

So my question is less about the initial process, but about the result going into maps.