Get Album art from google or yahoo Images.

Hi Everyone,
I like the mp3tag software as helps to easily organize my music.But usually the album art is obtained from the amazon web service which works only when the album name is available which is usually not in my case, but still either the song title or the artist is available and usually search on the google images to get the album art,although i get a couple of images but still i can choose.But to open a broswer and pasting the image is a laborious task.
I think it would be really great if such a feature is available in the mp3tag itself.
And moreover sometimes the amazom doesn't have info about hindi albums but still i can find the album art with google images.

I mean if there can be a right click option on the song to get album art with help of google/Yahoo images it would be great.
I am a programmer too and i searched on internet and the google and yahoo images web service are available so it can be done.I would have worked on it but i think mp3tag is not an open source project.

What are your views guys.!!! :slight_smile: