Get all tags from mp3

Hi, I'm trying to add a column to mp3tag that has all the tags the mp3 has.

I know that it exists a function called $list that shows all the tags and their values but I only want the tags and not the values.

Is this possible? Any ideas on how to do it? It would be great if this is possible to have the tags ordered alphabetically but this may be more difficult... If I get the tags that would be great.


I do not know any function that would do it.
on the other hand: there is always the extended tags dialogue (Alt-T) that shows a list of all tags in a selection of files.

I know that but I'm trying to add a series of columns to "validate" all my mp3s are ok and one of the validations I want to make is that they have all the tags I want and anything else.

For that you can use filters with the keyword MISSING
%involvedpeople% MISSING

(Because otherwise you would have to browse the string to see which word is missing. This then amounts to pretty much the same effort, I would say).
Or you know which fields you want and then create as many columns. Then you can sort for the ones which have no contents.

Also, I do not see a lot of benefit as this list would not update automatically. So you could get wrong hits.

Thanks for your suggestion but with that I'm not able to detect tags which I want to get ride off...

If you want to get rid of certain fields and that always (e.g. "encoded by" is of no relevance for you) then I would proceed as follows:

load as many files as I can in MP3tag
Select the files
Open the extended tags dialogue (Alt-T)
Scroll to the tag I do not want (here: encoded by)
Click the red x button next to the list
The field is now marked with
Click OK.
The field "encoded by" is deleted from all the files that contained it.

Was it that what you wanted?

That's what I'm doing now but I have to check manually which tags are the ones I don't want. If I'm able to add a column saying "unwanted tags" or something similar I would be able to isolate the mp3s and apply an action to remove all tags except the ones I want.

Doing what you suggested in an entire library of more than 50000 mp3s and applying changes to all of them is a bit problematic.

I doubt that you have to treat all of the 50000 over and over again.
If you want to clean up new files there is an action
Remove fields except

You can enter the fieldnames that you want to keep and all the others get removed.