Get Tag YEAR from another file

i have the following situation.
There are a lot of mp4 and jpg files in one directory.
The filestructure for example is:
abcd (1980).jpg
efgh (1990).jpg

Now i want to get the year 1980 from filename abcd (1980).jpg to the tag YEAR in file abcd.mp4.

Is it possible to do this with mp3tag, or does anyone have another idea?

Thans very much for your help.

mp3tag does not know anything about surrounding files but only knows the data of the current file.
So, MP3tag does not remember anything from the previous file.
Additionally, jpg files do not belong to the standard supported files as the tags in these files cannot be modified by MP3tag.

So everything now is a rather long winded way.
E.g. you could transfer the year data from the picture file name to the folder name and then retrieve the year from there for the mp4 files.
(You would have to add *.jpg to the list in Tools>Options>Tags. The folder could then be renamed with the function Convert>Filename-Filename.)
Or you make a list of picture file names, remove everything but the year data and then import the text file with Convert>Textfile-Tag.