getting a list of used tags (large number of files) ?


I need to get a list of all tags that are used in my mp3 files. Background: Some of these files have "custom" tags, that are saved as WXXX or TXXX frames, which i want to delete or replace with standard tags.

I guess it should be doable with export, or a combination of action and export, but i need some help with the actual approach.

Anyone willing to share his knowledge?


I wouldn't bother exporting the tags.

Look at all of your files with Mp3tag, select all of them (Ctrl-A) > right-click > extended tags. This will show you all of the tag types on all of the files. Delete the ones you want to delete from that screen.

If you want to find which files have certain tags that you want to look at, define that field as a column and sort by that column.


Ah, that easy... Yes, my approach was again to complicated. Thanks for pointing my to "Extended Tags..." with multiple selection. Great!



Alternatively you can define a filter:
NOT %field to look for% IS ""


I was aware that I could do it that way with a filter, but my problem was not to know which tagnames had been used over time in the entire mp3 base. Thats why i asked for a way to get a list of used tags. The suggestion given from stanman worked perfectly well and i learned once again a little bit more on what can be done with mp3tag.

Thanks anyway!


I just tired to make the point that you do not have to create an extra columns for each special tag, sort it just to see in which file that tag is filled.
For that you can use that filter.
Yes, using the extended tags dialogue is rather convenient to see which tags are actually used. But as stanman pointed out: you cannot see in which files these tags are present. And even with the column inserted you cannot see if a file with an empty entry in the column means that the field is not present or that it is filled with blanks.
So probably a combination of both methods will help you best.