Getting all Songs in an "ALBUM"

I'm trying to put a number of SONGS in an ALBUM, so it shows up that way in my phone, and I have no idea why, even though I've given all the appropriate songs the same ALBUM NAME, it is not working.

I'm sure it is simple. What am I doing wrong?


HELP! :w00t:


Depends on what brand your phone is. Make sure on the phone brands website/forum that it is the FILENAME that sorts them, if so then you might have to put ALBUMARTIST and/or ALBUM ARTIST (notice the space) to 'VA' and maybe even COMPILATION to the value '1' for your phone to recognise the order of the songs.

Keep the ARTIST as is.

Try that and see how it works

I'm using a LG RUMOUR TOUCH. When I downloaded an album form a FILE SHARING site and transferred it to my phone, all the songs showed up in an ALBUM as well as on the ALL SONG list.

I'm trying to see what they did differently but I haven't figured it out.

I'm lost here about the VA and compilation value. Where do you do that?



I don't think talking about file sharing on here is appropriate.



Select your problem album
Press Alt+T
Click Add field...

Enter in the box below the value '1'
Hit OK

Enter in the box below the value 'VA'
Hit OK

Enter in the box below the value 'VA'
Hit OK

Try that.

  1. It was a non-commercial album offered for FREE so that is not an issue (spent 30 years in Business/Legal Affairs in the Entertainment Industry).

  2. I assume I was adding three different fields with the info you suggested, but it didn't work.

What is interesting is there is one set of FOUR songs numbered 1-4 that came up as an album with the title "OTHER" and I have no idea how that happened.



For a proper album you have to fill the following fields each with identical values:
(and if you have used it: YEAR)
empty fields will lead to unpredictable results.

Please see attached PHOTO. Am I missing something as it didn't work.


The "extended tags" in your dump do not show the field TITLE. TITLE should be filled as well.

IT'S MIDNIGHT here in Los Angeles and I'm quitting for the day?

BUT: I have had much success.

Starting with files I have NOT tried to make into albums, I added all the info in the fields and did a CONVERT TAG - FILENAME and it worked!

I REMOVED all the tags from a set of 19 titles, re-insterted all the information, but came up with 19 different ALBUMS.


Thanks for the support!


Well, I do not have any practical experiences with such nerve-slayers like the "LG Rumor Touch", but I downloaded the documents "UN510 Rumor Touch Datasheet.pdf" and "UN510 Rumor Touch UG.pdf" from the vendor's support webpage and start reading.

There is nothing said about what ID3 version is supported by the player.
But the given small list of tag-field names leads to the assumption, that basically ID3v1 tag-fields are supported.

So give this a try.

  • Use a small set of test files!!!
  • Setup Mp3tag to read and write write only ID3v1 tags.
  • Setup Mp3tag to remove all other ID3 and APE tag versions.
  • Fill the ID3v1 tag-fields TITLE, ARTIST, ALBUM, GENRE, TRACK with appropriate data.
  • Check the behaviour of the test files with the player.

Come back and report.


Just saw your post but it is 12:15am and I need to go to sleep. Will get back to you soon.


If your player only knows V1 tags then you won't see any artwork as this is not part of the V1 tag standard. What about the other issues like albums and stuff?

Your description of the test result sounds as you have managed to fill the one and only ID3v1 tag with tag-fields TITLE, ARTIST, ALBUM, GENRE, TRACK with appropriate data without problems.
Does the player handle and display such files correctly?

Basically artwork cannot be involved, because ID3v1 does not support embedded artwork.
It seems so, that the LG Rumor Touch player supports only the ID3v1 tag.

See also:


First off: THANK YOU THANK YOU for ALL your attempts to help me solve this issue!

My work-around has been to create playlists. These are songs/programs I listen to and then delete (BBC Radio 2, a lot, as well as streaming).

To make it easy, here is a summary of where I'm at:

I tried using only ID3v1 tag and that was a mistake as, was stated, the art work doesn't show up, so I restored the defaults to recognize everything.

I noticed when I put a LED ZEPPLEIN album on the phone (see pic), it included all the variables and shows up as an ALBUM - perfectly.

I only seem to have this issue with ALBUMS I'm creating with MORE than four songs. All the ALBUMS I've created with four songs or less show up as ONE ALBUM, not an ALBUM for each song.

Thanks again.

P.S. I'm still waiting to hear again from LG!

And: I still don't understand WHY if I remove the TAGs, the albums don't disappear.

Where and what are these defaults?
The files? The LG RT?
What is 'recognizing everything'?

It is still not clear, how many problems you are struggling with at the same time.
-There is the problem with the ALBUM combination
(from which I think it has to do with the ALBUM tag-field not proper set).
-There is the problem with the display of embedded artwork
(from which I think it has to do with the unsupported ID3v2.3 tag-type or the SPRINT service)

  • Get rid of the APE tags.

Please show us a screenshot of the Mp3tag Options/Tag/Mpeg dialog.

I do not think, that you have removed any tag-type ID3v2.3 and APE, you have been asked for.
Your last screenshot still displays the usage of these tag-types.
It might be that the LG RT does not take note about the other embedded tag-types and looks stubborn only at the tag-type ID3v1, but it would be helpful for you and your work with Mp3tag, to put the view only to the ID3v1 tag-type (as the first step of your investigations).

Set the Mp3tag Options/Tag/Mpeg dialog to ...

  • Read only ID3v1.
  • Write only ID3v1.
  • Remove all tag-types.
    Check out these options by using small set of test files and re-write/save the only ony tag-type ID3v1
    (all other tag-types will be lost and never be shown in Mp3tag).
    Fill the tag-fields TITLE, ARTIST, ALBUM, GENRE and perhaps TRACK with appropriate data.
    Check it out, whether the LG RT can build proper artist, album, genre lists from the test data.

Please give us a clear statement about your tests on the LG Rumor Touch using mp3 files having only ID3v1 Tag-Type data.

Please show us a screenshot of the Mp3tag list view of files having set only the ID3v1 tag-type, with filled tag-fields for TITLE, ARTIST, ALBUM, GENRE and perhaps TRACK.
The LG documentation states only the evaluation of these tag-fields.

And keep in mind not to have any connection to the SPRINT service, which might be involved in the background and is able to display artwork and such other things to confuse you.

The zip file contains a set of test files ... (224 KB)

DD.20120524.0710.CEST (224 KB)

I'll give that a shot and get back to you. Thanks.

Here is a screen shot with ID3V1 ONLY. That did not create an album and there is NO artwork.

This applies only to the three files I did this with.

This is a very weird situation as if you look at OTHER LISTINGS with v1 and v2 and APE (like the Zeppelin albums and the HOLLIES BBC entries), they worked perfectly showing up on ONE album with all the appropriate entries.

I'm going to try it again with 1 and 2.


I tried it again with V1 and V2 and NO AP. It added them as individual albums and not getting artwork.

Can't say I'm not trying.

Anybody want to FLY to LA?

What does it mean: "NO AP"?
What files did you or did the LG RT added "as individual albums"?

Why do you complain missing artwork?
The given test files have no embedded artwork because they have only the ID3v1 tag-type.
Therefore and because of the generic values in the given tag-fields, the SPRINT service, if you did not switch it off, cannot find any artwork because of the generic values in the given tag-fields.

The test bed is still on the step where artwork is not the theme.
First of all we need to understand the working of the LG RT, how this device work internally with the given music files.

If the LG RT for itself is able to organize files by their tag-field content, then the given test files should be result into:

  • Artist List with four Artist names: AAA, BBB, CCC, DDD.
  • Album List with four Album names: Album 1, Album 2, Album 3, Album 4.
  • Genre List with three Genre names: Blues, Jazz, Soul.

If you can confirm this result, we could trust the LG RT to work as one might expect it, and we would know for sure, that the LG RT is able to work with ID3v1 tag-type.

The next step would be to use test files having only the ID3v2.3 tag-type to proove the ablitiy of the LG RT working with this tag-type.

Your feedback statements are not satisfying enough to go to a next step.
There is missing a Mp3tag screenshot of the "BT" test files, after transfering them to the LG RT disk drive.
There is missing a detailed description how these files have been treated by the LG RT in terms of organizing into lists of artists, albums, genres.
You give me no chance to help you out of the jungle, if you do not follow a systematic analytical way.

It might be useful for you to search for and contact a LG RT user group.