Getting an %album% field from the name of the forum

Good afternoon peeps

As a brand newbie to Mp3TAG (Sorry for using a rival software) I am attempting to do the following

I have about 200 folders with 20 or so mp3s in each (3922 files).

Is it simple to populate the %album% field with the name of the containing folder?

Am I looking at complicated scripts but I hope I don't need any kind of CBBD files.

Any help appreciated.

Mike C (aka pNut)

Mark your files.

Convert menue
Tag - Tag
Field: ALBUM
Format String: %_directory%

You have saved me so much time and trouble poster as it worked perfectly on a trial of a couple of directories before I try it on the full folders.

Many Many Thanks



I found it doesn't like to re-write more than about 3-400 files at a time.

Still a lot quicker - and more accurate - than doing individually

I do not think that there is a limit of just a hundred files. It goes well into the tens of thousands when loading.
Why do you think there is such a limit?

Just edited my reply a little ( up to 3-400).

When I selected all 3000+ files it got about 150 and really SSSLLLOOOWWWEEEDDD down.

Just my observation.

I do not think that this is an MP3tag problem but much more something that has to do with your local hardware and other pieces of equipment.
Also: simultaneously running processes like indexers, other media players that check their watched folders, cloud synchronization could effect this.
See if there is anything you can optimize .

There must be going on something evil on your machine. :wink:
I have just created 2000 mp3 files with tag types (ID3v1 ID3v2.4), with no covers embedded, stored into 100 folders.
On a Win XP machine with 1 Ghz-Pentium-3 Processor it needs 20 seconds, ...
to save the folder name into the ALBUM tag-field.

Tagging on 4000 mp3 files with tag types (ID3v1 ID3v2.4), with no covers embedded, stored into 200 folders, on same machine, on different drive, runs 90 seconds.


Yep - must be something evil but hey - it took a little longer. I'm retired, busy doing nothing and just pleased I got it done far faster than I anticipated.

Thank you and goodnight :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: