Getting "Cannot access file ..." when accessing a folder starting with the "_" symbol

Everything is in the title :slight_smile:
The bug doesn't occur anymore when renaming the folder without the "_"

Plateform. MacOS 12.6 (Intel processor)

PS: Thanks for this GREAT software on Mac :smiley:


Actually, I can display the files in the folder but cannot change the metadata.

Does it work if you open the folder (not the individual files) via โŒ˜O ?

Yes it works without any troubles

Great! Please see this topic for an explanation:

Thanks for the quick feedback.
But why does it work when I simply remove the "_" as 1st letter (ex. "_flac" in "flac") ?

PS: Please keep in mind that I can open the files and folders anytime. I simply get this error message when applying modifications to the metadata

It's possible that Mp3tag has already stored a secure bookmark for the folder without the underscore.

Tip top, many thanks Florian.

Einen schรถnen Tag :wink: