Getting "Formatted tags in X of X files" but no changes are done


I don't remember in the past Mp3tag acting this way, or maybe I'm wrong and it has always been like this.

I'm trying to apply some Actions, let's keep it simple for example Trim Spaces, I apply it to the Album tag and I get a message "Formatted tags in 1 of 1 files, 0 of 1 file renamed". Now I can keep applying this action when there are no spaces left to trim and I always get the " "Formatted tags in 1 of 1 files"

(BUG in 2.81?) So my question is, can I only get notified when changes are indeed done? In this example it should say "Formatted tags in 0 of 1 files, 0 of 1 file renamed", this way I know no changes were done


I just tried $trim(%album%) for an album without any leading or trailing spaces and got the message
"0 of 24 were formatted" (which is correct)
I then added a space to one of the album names and ran the same action again and got the message
"1 of 24 were formatted" - looks ok to me.

I am using currently 2.81c
I tried it with the function Convert>Tag-Tag

Mp3Tag gives you the correct information because your action indeed is performed.
Mp3Tag does not check if you want to write the same content which is already there. It just writes what you tolld the action to write.

Hi, thanks for fast reply.

I installed the Dev C version and now it is working as it did. I knew it worked that way :slight_smile:

I think I leave this post as a bug report or others users having the problem.