Getting Rid Of (Feat. Artist)

Hi there, I was hoping somebody could help me with mp3tag...

Right now, my song titles are like this:

Carry Me On (feat. Chrom3)
Endorphins (Sub Focus vs. Fred V & Grafix Remix) [feat. Alex Clare]
Out the Blue (feat. Alice Gold) [Xilent Remix]

How can I make them all look like this?

Carry Me On
Endorphins (Sub Focus vs. Fred V & Grafix Remix)
Out the Blue [Xilent Remix]

I want to get rid of featured artists and the parenthesis OR brackets they are contained in.

You get bonus points if you are able to ALSO get rid of the blank space before the parenthesis or brackets.

Thank you!!!!

Stick to ONE thread please


Dude, if you bothered to read the content of the two posts I have made you would see they ask for completely different things.

The problem is that you do not have a unique pattern e.g. the featured artist is always the last part of a title or always in round brackets.
So I would apply a filter that first looks for the (feat ....)[...]
%title% MATCHES "(.eat.) [."

For these apply an action of the type Replace with regular expression for TITLE
Enter as search string: (.) (.eat.) ([.*)
Enter as replace String: $1 $2

The others where the "feat" stuff is at the end could be filtered with
%title% MATCHES "*$"

Replace these with a regular expression and the following
search string: (.)$
Replace String: $1

Try it with sample files first as it could well be that an inappropriate pattern could lead to an erased TITLE field.

No, it's the same thing requested in a different way, the answer to ONE will be the answer to both, you not 'liking' the reply that leads to many examples of how to accomplish the desired result, does not need more 'noise' adding to the forum. If you did not, or do not know how to apply or modify the other solutions to your particular requirement, just ask for clarification in the same thread. By doing that you help not only yourself, but others who may find this thread in the future and learn from it.

And, no this is not a lecture born from arrogance, this is a simple reminder that forums are for learning from ones peers, not "one on one" tutorials

well you will just have to deal with it and pardon my ignorance. i am not smart/knowledgable enough to know how to take the information i received from my previous post and apply it to the task i want to accomplish in this one. i apologize for any harm this caused you, or time you wasted in having to type your suggestion to limit my posts. it's not like these forums have a spam problem, anyways. you should be happy this forum is still active, and there are people who have found the program mp3tag to be useful and have donated money to it's creator.

i will try this out as soon as my all my music finishes downloading. i have about 10,000 songs purchased from iTunes that I will test your methods on.

PS: would it help if I replaced all "[" with "(" and "]" with ")" ??? That way "feat." is ALWAYS in parenthesese? I don't mind the side effects of such a replacement, since I always end up manually checking every song and make minor edits here and there. please let me know if this changes your formulas

I would say: no.
The problem is to find out where the unwanted string ends. The ones where it is at the end are easier, the ones where it is in the middle requires a different treatment as you have to define the part before and the part behind the "feat" bit.

What would help is that if you put all "feat" stuff in unique separators - but when you think of it then you have the same problem as before: you have to define the part that needs treating.

Ok Ohrenkino, I appreciate your help very much. I think, just to be safe, I'm going to spend all day editting the tags manually. Luckily there are still some processes I can run on mp3tag to save some time.

Thank you.

I think that the action to remove the feat-part at the end is pretty safe - and executing an action on e.g. just the files you see at one glance in the files list (just select these) and the possibility to "undo" the action should still accelerate you work.

Sure, I didn't expect you to be a programmer, which I why I said to ask for clarification, keeping all your related queries together means that anyone who wants to help you can see ALL the advice and options you have tried, so they will be better informed of the problem you need to solve.