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:mt_ftt: After nearly an hour reading the help/faq/forums and guessing how to use convert, I still cannot figure out how to use it. I want to replace the Album tag with a portion of the filename. I have the format string I want and the preview works fine. But how do I tell it to replace the Album tag? All I ever get is "tag derived" messages and nothing ever happens. :mt_help:


So what's the filename and what forma string did you enter?


Format string:
Coast to Coast - %mon% %dd% %yyyy% %dummy%

Coast to Coast - Apr 30 2006 - Hour 3.mp3

I want the Album tag field to contain the date. I possible, I would really like the Album field to contain the full month name. For example, "April 30, 2006"

(there are 4181 of these files, each about 13MB)


Use format string:
Coast to Coast - %album% - %dummy%
%dummy% - %album% - %dummy%

Your approach would create new tag fields named mon, dd ...

For the complete month name, you can create several Replace actions where e.g. Apr is replaced with April. Make sure you select "only as whole word".
That should be applied after you have changed all your album tags.


Just a little step further ...
Formatstring for Convert/Filename-Tag:
%dummy% - %album% - %dummy%