Getting tag info from internet?

I found Mp3tag when looking for a program that can fill in my blank tag info from my music library. Though, it has the feature it seems I'm not sure how to work it.
I have this MP3 named Metallica - Fade to black.mp3 and the ID3v2 tag has only:
Artist: Metallica
Length: 6:54
Shouldn't that be enough for the program to figure out that it should at least have Title: Fade to black especially since it's in the filename?
When I did the freedb search, it gave me about 30 results that were not even close.

Even though there is Artist: Metallica, it gave results that weren't Metallica.

Am I missing something?
Do I need to download a script plugin or something?

I have thousands of files that I want 'fixed' but I don't have the time to do it manually, since it will take several weeks/months to do.


You could have a look here:

I would try "MusicBrainz" but can't guarantee that you will find every single track there. Maybe you will need different websources. Just try it. :rolleyes: