Getting This Error Message While Working on Mp3tag

Hello everyone, I have recently installed Mp3tag on my Windows 10 computer. But I am having a problem after installing this, when I was working on it, I received this error message "The requested operation requires elevation." I have no idea what could be the issue. Does anyone have any idea about how can I able to fix it? Any kind of help would be highly appreciated.

It seems that you have installed Mp3tag with some other user then the user you use currently.
Maybe you have installed Mp3tag "as Administrator" and now you start Mp3tag as "DemetriusAltenwerth".
If the latter does not have sufficient access/execution rights, the error message "elevation" is displayed.

Solution: Start Mp3tag with the same user as you installed it initially.

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You are exactly right, I changed the ownership of the file and then worked for a long time, and I did not have any issues. This particular article helped me to solve the issue. Anyway thank you so much.

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