getting track number from m3u

Hello ,

I have some very old mp3 files that i have created. I wanted to ask if there is way to get the track number from m3u file.

m3u file is like
other song.mp3
an other song.mp3

thanks in advance...

If the playlist shows the tracks in the right order you can use the numbering assistant.
Or you write an action that format the field TRACk with the value of %counter%.
If the m3u list does not mention the track number it is rather hard to guess one.

m3u files doesnt have the track numbers but they are written in right order.
where is this numberin assistant ? :slight_smile:

See the online-help?
Scroll along the toolbar until the bubble help on one of the buttons shows "Numbering assistant"?
Open menu "Tools > Numbering assistant"?

You will find it.