Glitches in playback after adding album covers?

Hi there,

I've been using mp3tag for a couple of weeks now and have noticed something which does annoy me and I wondered if others experience this as well...

I take a perfect 320kpbs mp3 file without glitches or whatever in playback, a 100% good file, and then go look for album covers online (Discogs, Amazon, whatever site Google shows me and has a decent quality).

These pics I store in a special folder where I also copy the mp3 I want to edit to. I add the cover, save, and all seems fine. But when I play the file, whether on my pc or on my phone it has become glitchy, like it skips a second a couple of times during playback...

So is it possible that just adding the cover alters something behind the scenes? Are there others experiencing this as well?

I've reached the point that I have started to copy back mp3 files from my back up to replace the altered ones and just leave the covers out (which I can thankfully also do in my mp3 player app)

Kinda curious if it is just me... :slight_smile:

Before I blame MP3tag for anything I would check the files for integrity.
Look for MP3diags, Mp3val, foobar2000 which are (up to now) freeware utilities that look at the structure of files.
If there are no peculiarities, it could be that the player cannot cope with the tags that you use. Some players interpret id3v2 data at the beginning of a file as audiopart and try to play them.
As covers can only be added to id3v2 tags and id3v1 tags don't have them (but are located at the end of a file) it could be that adding a cover adds tag data at the beginning which the player does not like.
But looking at the integrity is really the basic step.

The files are good, high quality downloads. I checked that with the back-up I had made and also used them a lot in playback during workouts and travels... They never glitched until the cover was added

Thank you for this potential explanation, I figured there might be a more technical reason for this to happen, but know not that much about it and now I have some theories to look into. That hopefully helps to figure out where it goes wrong...

Because the mp3tag tool is a great tool and I do not want to pin it on that if the problem is more in another department

I would still check them with one of the utilities.
One never knows what the source has done or what has happened in the meantime.
And besides: just checking doesn't do any harm but clarifies possible causes.