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Hello! I have searched but not found an an exact answer to this. Here is what I am trying to do:
I want to search my entire music collection for all pieces that have a 'Composer' tag containing 'Beethoven' (this search should pick up Beethoven; Beethoven, L.; Beethoven, Ludwig; Ludwig van Beethoven; etc.). I then want to change all of those to 'Beethoven, Ludwig'.

How do I construct the search string?
Is it possible to change them all (i.e. every piece that the search found) in one pass?
Thanks in advance!

You can load all your songs into Mp3tag and then press F3 to activate the filter function.
There you enter
this should filter all your songs where somewhere in your COMPOSER tag you will find Beethoven.

If you are really sure that you want to change this filtered tracks, you can select them all and press ALT + T to see the Extended Tags. There you should see the COMPOSER tag. You can double click it and change the content of the COMPOSER tag to Beethoven, Ludwig. This change would be made for the filtered, selected pieces.

Please note: This filter would not find "Bethoven" or "Beethofen" or any other "wrong" written name. You would have to repeat it for other variations.

If you have finished your changes, don't forget to press F3 again, to deactivate the filter.

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Thanks for the prompt reply! I have the afternoon off so I will try this on copy of the collection (for practice and insurance...).
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Sure. And yes, to create a backup before you apply any changes is always a good idea!

Small addition:
For the unlikely case that you have filled more then 1 Composer, please ensure that you select only the pieces where you really want to change the composer to the one Beethoven, Ludwig. The filter can't distinguish between "one and only Beethoven" or "Beethoven is one of the many available names in the COMPOSER tag".

Got it and thanks.... going well, I had rather more of the different forms of composer names in the metadata. Music companies (CDs, downloads) are really quite slack in this.

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