Global request

In the
File > Options > Tools
we can set for example and shortcut for loading a selected file into an external software; which can be accedes by stroking a CTRL + 1 [+2, +3 etc.]

I would like Mp3tag to be able to this also when I select the file anywhere in my system, as long as Mp3tag is running. It could be done in two ways:

  • visibly loading files to Mp3tag; and then sending them to third party software [which could possibly disrupt workflow by replacing files loaded previously into Mp3tag]
  • loading files in the background; from some sort of temporarily opened stripped down to essentials second instance [which would retain list of files loaded into Mp3tag previously]

That isn't Mp3tag's job. You need to learn how to write context menu entries. It was a lot easier in XP, but now you need a third party tool to do it without delving into the registry. This one is free and easy to use:

I know it's not

The problem is that I'm trying to have the same shortcuts giving me the same results in both Mp3tag and Free Commander, when sending files from them to Spek, Spectro and Audacity; for the purpose of seeing data in a spectrogram

Unfortunately there are some bugs of which source I cannot even establish [who's to blame]

It's just Mp3tag does most of what should be done correctly. If it would work globally it would be a workaround for those bugs

I use this for some other purposes

I just fear that those bugs will still show up